25 Years in Business

Twenty-five years and still going strong….

The #1 Team in Home Building & Remodeling
David & Goliath Builders, DG Remodeling & Avid Homes.

Our family tree was first planted in 1985 as David & Goliath Builders began designing and building custom homes and remodeling living spaces. We soon became Wisconsin’s #1 Team in Home Building & Remodeling. From the start our exceptional quality has been formed with our very own full-time skilled craftsmen. We employ our own masonry and carpentry craftsmen as well as architectural & interior designers. As an award winning builder & remodeler we strive to build not only high quality homes but to satisfy our customer’s needs if they want to stay in their existing homes. In response to have everything complete on the inside and out, our family tree has grown to include a landscape division. By word of mouth from existing customers and demand for quality in the affordable home market the birth of our newest addition: our affiliate company, Avid Homes began, which boast more that 23 home plans that are practical, well designed and affordable. You can rest easy knowing our family’s generations of experience and personal attention can fulfill your family’s living needs!

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