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“David & Goliath Builders thank you so much for building our dream home. We had a great experience. The workmanship is outstanding and our energy bills are so low it is really unbelievable. We are so happy we listened to David and took his advice. His knowledge is incredible. He helped us make decisions on how to make our new house energy efficient without breaking the bank! Prior to building we were living in a 3,200 sq ft house that was only 7 years old. We had energy bills in excess of $500 a month and in the real cold months we would hit over $700 a month. In our new David & Goliath Builders home we have energy bills that are less than $200 a month and our new house is over 4,000 sq ft. It amazes me every month when I open the gas & electric bill. Thanks again to everyone! We love our new home!

-Bob & Susan, Pewaukee, built a first floor master bedroom suite with David & Goliath Builders

Avid Homes thank you for building us a beautiful home. The quality is exceptional! We loved working with all of you. We had a lot of fun and we stayed in our budget! It was a great experience and nothing like the many horror stories we heard from others. We truly picked the right builder! Thanks for everything!”

Dave & Michelle, Merton, built a two-story home with Avid Homes

“Avid Homes thank you for building our beautiful vacation home up north. We absolutely love it! You did a great job keeping us in our budget and at the same time giving us the home we dreamed of. We are so glad we chose a builder from down in the Milwaukee area. Many of our neighbors on the lake up north chose a builder from up north and had nothing but trouble and delays. Everyone at Avid Homes/David & Goliath Builders did a great job! We still can’t believe our house went up faster than the ones being built by builders located up north. It was amazing! It was a wonderful experience and we love our new up north haven!”

Mike & Chystal, Mole Lake, built a vacation home up north with Avid Homes

“We had a lot of fun creating our new home with David & Goliath Builders. During the design process David & Goliath Builders helped us combine our ideas with their experience to develop our new home design. They have many creative ideas. We also enjoyed the building process. You can really tell that everyone at David & Goliath Builders loves what they are doing. The masonry and carpentry crews out in the field were great to work with and they provided excellent customer service. We would highly recommend David & Goliath Builders.”

– Jim & Andrea, Delafield, built a ranch home with David & Goliath Builders

“We really enjoyed the entire home building experience with Avid Homes. From designing our new home right through construction, the entire building process was quick, there were no delays and everything went very smoothly. We enjoyed it all – it was a lot of fun! Everyone at Avid Homes/David & Goliath Builders was great. From their crews out in the field right into the office, Avid Homes/David & Goliath Builders did an excellent job! We love our new home and we recommend them constantly!”

– Brian & Robin, Pewaukee, built a two story home with Avid Homes

“We were nervous about building for the first time, but David & Goliath Builders made the process a pleasure. From the design process through construction and landscaping, we could not have asked for better quality or more professional service. From the incredible attention to detail and personal attention we received, it seemed as if David and Ann were building a home for their own family. We’ve recommended David & Goliath Builders to everyone we know and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future”

– Esmeraldo & Kristin, Pewaukee, built a transitional two-story home with David & Goliath Builders

“We built our cape-style home with David & Goliath Builders and we love it!” Visitors consistently comment on the quality and appearance, both in design and materials. They specifically notice the wood floors and extra wide moldings and casings. As an interior designer for 6+ years, I (Cindy) work with a number of builders in the area and can honestly say that David & Goliath Builders builds one of the highest quality homes possible. Without any hesitation, we would both choose them as our builder the next time around.”

– Ken & Cindy, Franklin, built a cape-style home with David & Goliath Builders

“Originally, we quoted our custom house plans to three builders. We decided to go with David & Goliath Builders not only for their low price, but because they had the capability to take the plans that we had drawn and downsize/rework them to get to a plan with a price we could afford. They were able to reduce the square footage of our house by 500 square feet with a minimal loss of livable space simply by making the layout more efficient. They were knowledgeable and fair throughout the building process. They offered their opinions, but always respected our preferences.”

– Tom & Sue, Cedarburg, built a colonial farm house with David & Goliath Builders

“We’ve built two homes with David & Goliath Builders. We were very satisfied with the quality of workmanship. When we were approached about selling our first home, we immediately went to David & Goliath Builders to see about building another one. They were a pleasure to work with. At a time when customer service is a priority, they have definitely provided excellent service. The quality of workmanship was outstanding and their crews are a pleasure to deal with. In the event we would ever build again, we would certainly be a three-peat customer!”

– Tom & Sue, Brookfield, have built two homes with David & Goliath Builders in the past eight years.

“For the amount of time it took David & Goliath Builders to build our house, the quality was way above the standards to the industry. Our house went up in 90 days (56 working days). Expediting and everything was really tight. There was very little down time. David & Goliath Builders did an excellent job.”

– Robert & Kathy, Delafield, have built two homes with David & Goliath Builders in the last seven years.

“Our confidence was high right from the start from our meetings with David. We could see their level of expertise, their flexibility and their creativity, but more importantly to us, we liked and trusted them. We had never built a house from the ground up before and found it to be an exciting experience. Throughout the process we met several of David’s crew — each one knowledgeable and nice to work with. We can’t say enough about the carpentry crew. Their talents certainly show in our house. We feel lucky to have found David & Goliath Builders. Our choice turned out to be right on the money. I only have to look around my beautiful home to know.”

– Jim & Gail, Mukwonago, built a first floor master bedroom suite with walk out basement

“I had a wonderful time building my new home with David & Goliath Builders! I was really nervous about the entire situation being a single woman. I really can’t say enough, from the design process right through to construction, everyone was great! I really had a blast picking everything out and working with everyone! The guys out in the field are so talented. They have a great building team. The customer service was just outstanding, they took very good care of me and still do! I just love my David & Goliath Builders home!”

– Janelle, Mukwonago, built a two-story home with David & Goliath Builders

“It was a pleasure working with everyone at David & Goliath Builders. David is extremely knowledgeable and the craftsmanship was superb. The masons, rough carpenters and especially the finish carpentry in our home is outstanding. All of those are extremely important elements, especially for resale value. We really enjoyed building with David & Goliath Builders.”

– Carol, Waukesha, a Realtor with Re/Max Reality 100 built a brick custom two story home with David & Goliath Builders

“Everyone throughout the company treated us as a valued part of the house project. From the people in the office to the people on the work site, everyone helped create the house we’d envisioned. We can truly say it was a pleasurable experience.”

– Jeff & Carla, Brookfield, built an all brick two-story home with David & Goliath Builders

“It was nice to be able to find a builder to whom we could say this is how much we want to spend — can you design something within our budget? With other builders it was confusing, we were dealing with base prices which didn’t even include carpeting and there was no flexibility on making changes. Building with David & Goliath was a very personable experience. When we dealt with other builders we felt like we were just a number, but when we dealt with David & Goliath, we were talking directly with the owner.”

– Denise, Mukwonago, built a two-story country style home with David & Goliath Builders

“David & Goliath Builders has been a pleasure to work with. We have designed and built two homes in the last five years with David & Goliath. We worked with Dave on both homes and we knew from our first home that Dave was an extremely talented, customer-oriented individual. However, he had gone way beyond “the call of duty” during the process of designing our second home. We gave Dave what we actually thought was an impossible task. Dave’s positive attitude combined with his skills and experience resulted in the design of a home I never dreamed possible! It is perfect!!! He does a great job of “getting into the customer’s head” to help achieve our goals. The remarkable thing is he does it all with an easygoing attitude and great sense of humor. From designing with Dave, to the office staff, then all the talented craftsmen out in the field, building with David & Goliath has been wonderful!”

– Beth, Mukwonago, built 2 homes with David & Goliath Builders

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