CCP-Certified Construction Professional Designation

David & Goliath Builders, DG Remodeling and Avid Homes are Certified Construction Professionals.

What does this mean to you?

One of the things that separates David & Goliath Builders, DG Remodeling & Avid Homes, “The #1 Team in Home Building & Remodeling”, from the competition is to stay well educated on the latest technologies available to the home building and remodeling industry.

As building professionals we believe that it is very important to keep learning and studying new building materials, techniques and applications. We do this to make sure we are building the best possible product in the market today.

What does this mean to you?

David & Goliath Builders, DG Remodeling & Avid Homes maintains their Certified Construction Professional Designation offered through the Metropolitan Builders Association of Greater Milwaukee (MBA). This MBA requires the following to be maintained for the CCP designation:

1.) Must provide favorable written references from 2 customers, one trade contractor and the contractor’s primary financial institution.

2.) Must demonstrate a commitment to excellent customer service.

3.) Must be an MBA member in good standing.

4.) Must include binding arbitration & mediation in all customer and subcontractor contracts.

5.) Must agree to provide all customers a 12 month written limited warranty.

6.) Must complete 12 credit hours of certified CCP courses every two years.

David Rodrigues & Ann Rodrigues maintain the Certified Construction Professional Designation from the MBA.

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