DG Remodeling

David Rodrigues, Jr. founded David & Goliath Builders in 1985. David began his career in the construction industry as a rough carpenter while working for two area builders and attending college. Upon graduation from college, David launched his new company. In the beginning David & Goliath Builders did remodeling and home improvement exclusively. In 1987, David & Goliath Builders began designing and building custom homes. Throughout the years, the company continued to do some remodeling projects while primarily designing and building custom homes.

It has been a natural progression for David & Goliath Builders to actively pursue remodeling projects and to form a separate division—DG Remodeling. We have earned the reputation of being a high quality and ethical builder. Our professional building team strives to make the design and building process fun and exciting. We operate under the philosophy that everyone deserves a home that reflects their own unique sense of design. After all, it is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime. Having skilled craftsmen on staff full time has enabled David & Goliath Builders and DG Remodeling to maintain a very high, consistent quality and a very tight schedule during the construction process.

DG Remodeling is available to help you increase the value of your current home and living spaces. Give us a call at 262-691-8841 now to begin the transformation of your home! 

You can browse our before and after photos to see the quality of our work.

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