Remodeling Process

The Exclusive DG Remodeling Process

At DG Remodeling, an award-winning division of David & Goliath Builders, Inc., our Professional Building Team strives to make the home remodel design/build process fun and exciting! We operate under the philosophy that everyone deserves a home that reflects his or her own lifestyle. We work to bring together all the unique aspects of a particular remodeling project. This is from the existing home and lot, maintaining architectural integrity and values, sun exposure, views, flow, and lifestyle. The process should be fun, exciting, and most of all enjoyable. We want everyone to have a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when we turn over their newly remodeled space. In order to do this, we believe it is very important to set the expectations ahead of time.

Design & Budget

At the first meeting a designer from DG Remodeling will come to your home to discuss your remodeling project. Discussion will include your objectives and desires, any concerns you may have about the proposed remodeling project, material & design options, and provide recommendations.  It is helpful at this point, if you have a budget in mind or if you know what you want to spend on your remodel project.   After this discussion DG-Remodeling can usually give you a rough estimate of what your project will cost.

If you are interested in continuing the process DG Remodeling will then execute a “Design Agreement” with you.  DG Remodeling we then take photos and thoroughly measure the space to be remodeled.  We will also evaluate mechanicals, support beams, and any other structural information that will affect the design. With all this important information, DG-Remodeling will then develop a couple designs and floor plans utilizing our 3 Dimensional CAD (Computer Aided Design) system and an approximate cost estimate to complete the project.  

* The Design Agreement is simply a contract between DG Remodeling and you, which outlines your project and our responsibilities. At this point a fee is charged, depending on the size and scope of the project. This fee is a retainer for the work and services of DG Remodeling, so we can proceed further with the design. This fee is then credited towards the total cost of the job once remodeling contract is signed.

Presentation of Designs and Floor Plans

After DG Remodeling has developed a couple options you will then be contacted to schedule an appointment to meet at our offices to go over these exciting designs and floor plans for your remodel project. At this meeting you will also be introduced to our Exclusive Selection Center.  At this meeting you will have the opportunity to solidify some of the color and material choices you want to use in your remodel project.

Verify Estimate

If you are comfortable with the plans and pricing, the next step would be to verify the estimate.  To do this we have each member of our Professional Building Team look at the proposed design and meet with DG-Remodeling at your home.  We do this to obtain solid bids from all the professionals that will be involved in your remodel project.  This step is crucial in the process because it exposes our entire Professional Building Team to your remodel project.  It gives everyone the opportunity to look at the design and formulate a solid estimate and action plan. When conducting the walk through the Professional Building Team at DG Remodeling will also look at the project site to determine project access, dumpster location, installation of protection barriers, an area to store materials etc.

 Remodeling Contract

Once we have verified the cost of your project DG Remodeling will contact you again to schedule a final meeting at our offices to execute the Remodeling Contract. 

Finalize Material and Color Selections

Once the contract is executed, DG Remodeling will begin the process of applying for building permits. It is at this point you will meet with the Designer to finalize your material and color selections for your remodel project so we can get everything ordered.

Establishing a Project Start Date

After everything is ordered and we know when materials will begin to arrive we can establish a start date for your remodel project.  DG Remodeling will also introduce you to our “Client Login Portal” on our website, where we will have a job calendar for you and other information to keep you informed and up to date on your remodel project.

Once we have established your project start date, you will be responsible for removing all of your belongings from the area we will be remodeling.  DG Remodeling will also discuss with you and establish job access, dumpster location, the demolition process and protection of your home while construction is taking place.  Things like pet protection will also be addressed if a family pet will be affected.

Construction Phase

Once the construction phase begins DG Remodeling will be coordinating the schedules of our Professional Building Team in a professional, orderly and efficient manner.  David Rodrigues, owner and principal will be available to you at anytime during your project.

Completion & Occupancy

At the time of occupancy, DG Remodeling will conduct a thorough walk through inspection of your project to be sure that all expectations were met. We will also answer any questions you may have about your newly remodeled living space.

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