Kitchen & Bath Certified Remodeler

David & Goliath Builders & DG Remodeling are a Certified Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeler.

What does that mean to you?

Did you know that kitchens & bathrooms are the most popular rooms of the house to undergo renovation? Obviously these areas of the home are essential to everyday living.

At David & Goliath Builders/DG Remodeling we believe that to be committed to our customer’s it is important to stay well education and informed on new design trends, building products and materials. In order to do this we maintain a number of certifications.

What does this mean to you?

A Certified Kitchen & Bathroom Designer/Remodeler has demonstrated comprehensive knowledge in kitchen and bath design as well as construction, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems. To remain certified we are required to be an expert in kitchen and bathroom guidelines and access standards, which recognize the importance of consumer health, safety and welfare in the kitchen and bath design. A Certified Kitchen & Bathroom Designer/Remodeler is skilled at assessing the consumer’s needs and wants to create designs that meet and exceed the requirements. We are also required to remain current on local building codes, safety and environmental regulations and the wealth of new products and equipment on the market.

When hiring a contractor make sure you are hiring a professional to work on the design of your dream kitchen or bath. Be sure they are a Kitchen & Bath Certified Remodeler.

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