Lead Safe Renovator Certification

David & Goliath Builders & DG Remodeling are Lead Safe Renovator Certified.

What does this mean to you?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a new rule under the Toxic Substance Control Act regarding “lead-based paint hazards created by renovation, repair and painting activities that disturb lead-based paint in target housing and child occupied facilities.” The rule, which had an effective date of April 2010, directly affects general and specialty contractors by requiring them to be certified if they are performing work on residential homes or child occupied facilities. It also requires them to provide warnings to people to let them know of the hazards.

The rule general applies to renovation of any housing constructed prior to 1978 and any public or commercial facility construction prior to 1978 where children are present on a regular basis, such as a day care center or school.

This rule requires that anyone doing renovation work on residential homes or child occupied facilities obtain certification that is evidence they have been trained in the use of lead safe work practices and that they will follow specific work practices when performing the renovation.

A Lead Safe Renovator must do the following:

1.) Have their company certified.

2.) Have a certified renovator assigned to each project.

3.) All persons performing work on the renovation must receive on-the-job training by a certified renovator.

4.) All renovations must be performed in accordance with the EPA work practice standards related to lead based paint.

5.) They must provide the owner and occupants of the property with an EPA pamphlet advising them of the lead hazards associated with renovation.

6.) The contractor must keep records of compliance on all renovation projects.

At David & Goliath Builders/DG Remodeling we believe that to be committed to our customer’s it is important to stay well education and informed on new design trends, building products and materials. In order to do this we maintain a number of certifications.

What does this mean to you? Being a Certified Lead Safe Renovator means we are trained and certified to protect your family during renovation from the hazards of lead paint.

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