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Choosing David & Goliath or Avid Homes?

Many ask what is the difference between David & Goliath Builders and Avid Homes. Here is a chart that will help answer the question.

1.) Does Each Company Have Model Homes & Model Home Plans?

use our plan search box on this website to see some of the plans we have to offer and to find current open models. Typically David & Goliath Builder plans are larger than 2,500 square feet and Avid Home’s plans are smaller than 2,500 square feet.

2.) Will Each Company Customized Their Model Home Plans to Suit our Needs?

Yes we will modify any of our existing models to suit your needs at no charge.

3.) Will the professional building team of masonry, framing carpentry, finish carpentry, architectural & interior designers build our house whether we build a David & Goliath Builders or Avid Homes house?

Our professional building team builds all of our projects for David & Goliath Builders, DG Remodeling & Avid Homes.

4.) Can we design and build a completely custom house with either company?

Yes we will design a house from scratch in either company at no charge.

5.) Does each company include the same building materials?

This is where the real difference is between David & Goliath Builders and Avid Homes. The building materials & features included in each company are different. Avid Homes was designed to be more price conscious and affordable. See the feature lists for each company to see the difference.

6.) Can we change the building materials or make upgrades in David & Goliath Builders and or Avid Homes?

Our objective is to design/build you a home that fits in your budget. To do this it is not uncommon to change the features and building materials included in the project. In addition, the subdivision you build in may require a certain shingle or siding. We go through all the options with you so you can make well informed and educated decisions.

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