Selection Center

Building a new home or remodeling your existing home is a large investment. At David & Goliath Builders, DG Remodeling & Avid Homes we are passionate about making the experience fun and exciting. We also want it to be convenient for our clients. Our Award Winning Professional Building Team makes all of this happen in our exclusive” Selection Center”. Every project we build and or remodel includes professional “interior Design” consultation throughout the project. “We help our clients make all of their material and color selections in house at our offices. Our clients do not have to run around to several showrooms to get their materials picked out,” explains Ann Rodrigues, Vice President and Owner of David & Goliath Builders, DG Remodeling & Avid Homes. We have a full selection center to make the process easy and exciting!”

“In addition, we also help them layout their existing furniture in their new living spaces. Our services can also include help after the client moves in to their new home or renovated space,” explains Ann. “At David & Goliath Builders, DG Remodeling and Avid Homes we help our clients purchase new furniture, design window treatments, choose paint colors or techniques, layout furniture and accessorize their homes. Our Interior Designers have won numerous awards for their work and many of our customers want their homes to look like our Parade of Homes Models.”

David & Goliath Builders, DG Remodeling & Avid Homes prides itself at being a full service, turnkey solution for your building and remodeling project.

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