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David & Goliath Builders, DG Remodeling & Avid Homes has an experienced team of landscape professionals on staff. Why are we including landscaping in our family of building solutions? “We identified a need in the market today to provide full turn-key services for our customers,” says David Rodrigues, President and Owner of David & Goliath Builders, DG Remodeling & Avid Homes.. “We began the landscape division to provide these solutions for our customers at an affordable cost. One of the most undesirable parts of building a new home or doing a remodeling project is the work that is needed on the exterior of the home when the project is complete. Many people want to move in and have everything done, not just on the inside, but on the outside as well. There are many advantages of having the landscaping planned into your budget from the get go, one, is that you can roll the cost into the overall financing on the project, two, we are working with that landscape plan in mind in relation to the placement of septic, well, decks, patio, retaining walls, driveway, etc., and three, the customer doesn’t have to worry about doing the landscaping when the project is through. We are there, we have it scheduled and everything is completed with the rest of the project. We create custom landscape plans from the start of the project. These plans can be implemented on a priority basis. Sometimes the first year we are installing driveways, walk ways and seeding or sod the yard. Then the next year we are back to implement the next step of the plan, like all nursery stock installation and deck with hot tub. For David & Goliath Builders, DG Remodeling & Avid Homes it was a natural service to add to the company and it has greatly increased overall customer satisfaction with the building and remodeling process.”

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