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David & Goliath Builders, DG Remodeling & Avid Homs has an experienced team of masonry craftsmen on staff full-time to build all of their foundations, do all brick and stone work and pour all concrete slabs.

Why is this important to the construction of a new home or remodeling project? “Quality and scheduling,” says David Rodrigues, President and Owner of David & Goliath Builders, DG Remodeling & Avid Homes. “It is our reputation and we want the job completed right the first time. I formed my own masonry crew about five years into the conception of my family of building solutions because I did not like the delay caused by masons not showing up. A quality house starts from the foundation up. If the foundation isn’t plumb and square, how is the house going to be? My philosophy was to form a company where everyone was held personally responsible for the quality of their work. Where they all worked as a team to build each and every new home or remodeling project. How can a quality constructed home be built when you are constantly at the mercy of subcontractors? If they can’t even be held accountable for when they will be at the job, what makes you think they will be accountable for the quality of their work? Especially the masonry, they affect every aspect of the home. The basement needs to be started right after the hole is dug and the basement floor should be poured prior to drywall being hung. How many times do you see a project that is just sitting there with no work being done? At David & Goliath Builders, DG Remodeling & Avid Homes we can maintain a tight schedule and quality because WE BUILD EACH AND EVERY HOUSE AND REMODELING PROJECT!”

The David & Goliath Builders masonry craftsmen have earned numerous awards for their outstanding quality craftsmanship including: two for best masonry fireplace, one for the best brick home in Southeastern Wisconsin, one for best masonry foundation, one for best overall use of masonry and two for best overall masonry craftsmanship. Our reputation has been earned by our quality construction!

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