Remodeling Frequently Asked Questions

Is DG Remodeling too high end for us?

People sometimes get this impression because of our professionalism. DG Remodeling has completed projects ranging in between $15,000 to over $350,000. Our company has flourished over the last 25 years because we give people the highest quality possible within their budget.

What do the Remodeling Specialists Do?

Our Remodeling Specialist works with you throughout the entire project. After discussing your goals and budget, our specialist will design your space, help you with material and color selections and order all products for your remodel. Working with our lead foremen, she will also create a project schedule and remain in contact with you during the construction phase.

Where are materials and color selections made?

Everything necessary to complete your remodeling project can be chosen in our Selection Center, conveniently located at our office.

Who else will we be working with at your company?

David Rodrigues will be the overall project manager. He works in conjunction with our lead carpenters, Dave Garlock and Tim Heling, masons, Larry Gretzon and Jeff Kovnesky, and designers, Sharon Volz and Joy Kruschel. We work as a team. Please see the attached ‘Meet the Team’ document for a thorough description of our employees and their responsibilities.

Who will be our main contact for problems, questions at any point of the process?

David Rodrigues will be the main contact. He will give you his cell phone number and you can call him at any time. Your designer will also remain in contact with you. You can also call or email her at any time. She is always involved in the project – from start to finish.

As the customer, what will I need to do?

You will be responsible for removing all of your personal items from the area being remodeled. We also recommend removing pictures from walls adjacent to the work area and maintaining a clear and safe walk way for the workers to access the project.

What aspects of the remodel can the owner do?

You may choose to take on some aspects of the project yourself. These responsibilities will be outlined in the ‘General Scope of Project’ document. As the homeowner you can be involved in the demolition, and do any painting or staining that is required.

How will people get in and out of the house?

We install a lock box on the door of your choosing.

What is done with the debris?

A dumpster will be left on sight during construction.

How do protect the part of the house not being remodeled?

We install dust barriers between adjacent rooms and cover the walk-way. If your home is pre-1978, we follow strict lead safety guidelines set out by the EPA. Lead Safe Renovator Certificate #: LSRIMBA10051133470

What is the process for a remodeling project?

The process begins in your home. One of our Remodeling Specialists will meet with you at your home to discuss your project goals. At this time measurements and photos will also be taken. Please allow 1 to 1 ½ hours for this appointment.

A second meeting is scheduled at our office to review preliminary design ideas and estimates. At this time a Remodeling Feasibility Agreement is also discussed.

The signing of a Remodeling Feasibility Agreement allows us to take the next step of walking our carpenters and mechanical contractors through your home to review the project and provide accurate bids. The fee collected with the agreement is credited towards the total cost of the job once the remodeling contract is signed.

Selection of materials and colors will be done at our in house selection center. To ensure a smooth production schedule, all products are selected and ordered before the project begins.

Logistics of the construction phase are discussed prior to the job start. We determine what areas will have dust barriers, dumpster and lock box locations, pet concerns and other such items.

Communication is vital during the actual construction phase. You will be provided with a job calendar. If adjustments to the schedule are required, you will be notified of the changes. We strive to complete your project in an efficient and professional manner.

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