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What are the Advantages of Designing and Building A Custom Home?

posted by Valerie on February 26, 2015

Provence          Camden August 2006 015

By: Ann Rodrigues, Vice President/Co-Owner of David & Goliath Builders

Have you been searching for your dream home?  Are you having trouble finding a home that meets your family’s lifestyle and needs?  Are you frustrated with the home shopping experience; are you tired of running all over the place trying to find just the right house, one that doesn’t entail extensive remodeling to meet your requirements?

Let’s face it, the chances of finding the exact home, on the market, that meets your family’s needs and lifestyle is very slim.  As a custom home builder and remodeler, we often hear this story.  Here are some of the advantages of designing and building a custom home.

1.) You will get exactly what you need and nothing you don’t!

Your house is your haven, the place you come to connect with your family and recharge your batteries.  Your home needs to provide you and your family with the spaces to function efficiently.  Designing a custom home gives you the opportunity to have input in the entire process and to tailor the home to your specific needs and desires.  Why buy a home with rooms or spaces you don’t need or won’t use?  A good home designer/builder will extract the necessary information from you to create a design that meets your needs and is within your budget.

2.)  Low Maintenance

Another advantage of building a new home is just that, it is brand new.  Your cost of maintenance on a new home will be much less than on an existing home.  The building techniques are better in new homes, the appliances, fixtures and materials will be all cutting edge and superior to what is in any existing home.  When buying someone else’s home you are not sure what you may have to deal with, what will fail and what will need to be replaced or maintained.

3.) Energy Efficiency

Energy standards and requirements have changed dramatically.  New homes have the advantage of new building materials and new building techniques which make them more energy efficient, all in all saving you money.  When designing and building a new home you can take advantage of all these technologies and techniques to make your home even more energy efficient.  It is your opportunity to explore the possibility of utilizing geothermal, solar panels, radiant in floor heating, spray foam insulation and the many other options available to help reduce your energy bills.   A good home builder/designer will help guide you through this process and will be knowledgeable about these newer materials/technologies.

4.)  Up to Date Floor Plan

The family home floor plan has evolved to accommodate the family’s changing lifestyle and needs.  New home designs are much different than older homes.  The days of the separate family room and living room are long gone.  Great rooms that are open to the kitchen hub and dining area are common.  Home entertainment systems are seen and heard throughout the house.  Formal dining rooms are no longer needed and we often hear they are a waste of space. Houses are now being designed for entertaining family and friends.   Mud rooms have areas to organize the family’s busy schedules with lockers or individual closets for each family member and drop zones to recharge smart phones and other various mobile devices.  Laundry rooms provide areas to further organize dirty laundry, provide places to air dry delicate clothing, and often contain a washing station as well as a resting zone for the family pet.  When buying an existing home you are stuck with accepting an outdated and inefficient floor plan.

5.)  Building What You Want is NOT More Expensive

“We can’t afford to build a custom home or custom homes are way too expensive”.  This statement is certainly a common one however, it is simply NOT true.  There are savings in building the same house over and over again, but that savings is not passed on to the consumer.  It goes right to the bottom line of the cookie cutter builder.  When doing apples to apples comparisons we do not see that production builder’s homes are any less than custom homes we design for our clients.   A good home builder/designer will design a home that not only reflects their client’s lifestyle and needs but most importantly one that also fits into the customer’s budget.

Stop the frustration of looking for the perfect existing home and start exploring the opportunities of designing and building the custom home of your dreams!

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